Human Services Council Staff

Thomas Wilson

Thomas Wilson

Superintendent, Supportive Housing Program

About Thomas Wilson

Thomas has made significant contributions to the Human Services Council over the past three years as a dedicated subcontractor, and he has recently transitioned to a full-time team member. With a solid background in the property maintenance field spanning seven years, Thomas brings a wealth of expertise to his role.

In addition to his proficiency in property maintenance, Thomas holds an Electrician Certification from New England Tech, showcasing his commitment to professional development and specialized skills. This certification further enhances his capacity to contribute effectively to the diverse needs of the Human Services Council.

Beyond his professional achievements, Thomas values his time spent with his son, highlighting his commitment to family. In his spare time, he actively engages in community service, demonstrating a commendable dedication to giving back and enriching the lives of those around him.

Thomas’s multifaceted skills, from property maintenance to electrical expertise, coupled with his commitment to family and community service, make him a valuable asset to the Human Services Council’s team. His transition to a full-time role signifies the organization’s recognition of his skills and the trust placed in him as a key team member.

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