Norwalk Mentor Program

Established in 1986, the Norwalk Mentor Program pioneered school-based mentoring in the United States. A flagship initiative of the Human Services Council in collaboration with Norwalk Public Schools, the program's enduring principle remains unwavering: matching students with supportive adult mentors can profoundly impact their lives. Moreover, mentoring has been shown in national studies and in our program to reduce chronic absenteeism and overall school performance.

Jasmine Prezzie

Program Director

Jasmine Prezzie

Jasmine Prezzie, LMSW, serves as the dedicated Director of the Norwalk Mentor Program at the Human Services Council, bringing seven years of experience in working with adults and families in the region. A proud graduate of Fordham University, where she earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work, Jasmine has a robust background in community engagement and support.

Prior to her role at the Human Services Council, Jasmine held the position of Fatherhood Program Coordinator at the Saint Joseph Parenting Center of Stamford. In this capacity, she played a pivotal role in recruiting and training facilitators for parenting classes while providing essential case management and advocacy for parents.

Jasmine’s commitment to mentoring has been a consistent theme in her career. Her passion led her to volunteer at various organizations, including Norwalk’s George Washington Carver Center and the I Have A Dream Program. Furthermore, she served on the Person-to-Person Scholarship Committee, demonstrating her active involvement in community initiatives.

As the Director of the Norwalk Mentor Program, Jasmine takes on the crucial responsibility of recruiting and training new mentors. These mentors are then thoughtfully matched with students in the Norwalk Public Schools, a role that she coordinates across all 22 schools in the district. Notably, Jasmine’s journey has come full circle, as she is a graduate of Norwalk Public Schools and was once a mentee in the Norwalk Mentor Program, benefiting from the guidance of a mentor for over 10 years. Her personal connection to the program adds a unique and meaningful dimension to her leadership.

Jasmine Prezzie’s return to the Human Services Council represents a full circle moment, as she continues to dedicate her skills, experience, and passion to the mentorship program that played a significant role in her own life.

More About The Program

The Norwalk Mentor Program fosters structured one-on-one relationships between students and adult volunteers. Participants in grades K-12 are paired with caring adults who spend approximately one hour per week during the school year engaging in academic and social activities. Mentors act as friends and role models, providing guidance and encouragement through shared experiences, whether it's playing sports, reading, creating arts and crafts, or simply having meaningful conversation.


The program aims to enhance students' academic performance, self-esteem, and social skills. By fostering positive choices and offering new experiences, mentors empower mentees to excel academically, build high self-esteem, and make informed life decisions. The program also focuses on strengthening family and peer relationships, thereby contributing to a safer, more supportive community.

Be One of Our HEROS

HEROES stands for Helping Enrich Relationships Of Every Student. Put simply, we created this innovative way to allow people to support the mentoring program financially because they may not have the time to to be a mentor themselves. By financially supporting the cost of running the program, a HERO understands the importance of enriching the lives of students. View more about H.E.R.O.E.S Here.

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