The Norwalk Mentor Program, operated by the Human Services Council (HSC), continues to support Norwalk school children over the Internet.

The mentor program matches students in the school system with adult mentors. Normally the mentors, who have been screened by HSC, spend one hour a week, meeting, working, or playing with the student at their school. The program currently has 315 mentors working with students throughout the Norwalk School system. One of the goals of the program is to build social and emotional skills while having mentors serve as role models.

With schools closed, and social distancing requirements in place, HSC has organized remote mentoring where mentors spend time together online or over the phone with their mentees. There are currently 150 mentors working remotely with their students. The number of connected students continues to rise daily, as Program staff coordinate with school staff to reach more students.

Originally begun by Dr. Susan Weinberger, an administrator in the Norwalk school system, and still funded, in part, by the Board of Education, the mentor program has been operated by the Human Services Council since 2009. Mentoring has long been shown to increase academic performance, social skills, attendance, and reduce problem behaviors in students. Students in the Norwalk Mentor Program have long achieved high graduation rates and college acceptance rates as well.

The continued mentor-mentee contact is helping to keep students on track and supported during this challenging time.

For more information contact Anthony DiLauro, executive director, Human Services Council, 203-849-1111 or adilauro@

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